The Secret To Happiness | Most Powerful Advice on Happiness

Happiness is the ultimate goal we all are seeking. Yet so many of us never get to have a long lasting happiness. What if we have got the mindset which stops us from experiencing happiness ? Watch t... Read More

The Truth About Deaths | Mexican Culture | Three Deaths

We all know of physical death but in reality there are 3 deaths we all go through. Once we understand these 3 deaths, it has the power to completely transform our life.

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3 Simple Tricks To Stop Negative Thoughts & Feelings

One of the most common things which affect a lot of people is negative thoughts. Negative thoughts become a root cause of a lot of issues. This video will help you to find easy and simple ways to c... Read More

How "Law of Attraction" Works ? Find out The Secret Now !

The law of attraction is one of the very ancient concepts based on the understanding of the Universe and how it functions. Today we have science telling us that we live in an energetic Universe, wh... Read More

Raise Your Vibration In 6 mins | Increase Your Vibration Instantly

We all have heard phrases like "your vibe attracts your tribe" and "what you vibrate, is what you create. Staying at higher vibrations is a very important task we need to do. This ev... Read More

Understanding The Difference between Your Mind and Brain ?

Brain and mind, most of us use it synonymously, but there exist a fundamental difference. Watch the video to understand it better. We going to discuss in this video about :- 1)What is Brain ? 2)Wha... Read More

Understanding Subconscious Mind | Power Of Subconscious Mind

In this video I shared the difference between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind . We going to discuss in this video about :- 1)What is Conscious Mind ? 2)What is Subconscious Mind ? 3)What is the... Read More

Power of Vision | Importance of Having a Vision in Life

In this video I shared the Importance of Having a vision in life !

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How To Bring The Conscious & Subconscious Mind in Alignment? - The Key To Success

In this video, I am explaining how can we bring the conscious and subconscious mind in alignment? "When your conscious mind and subconscious mind are properly aligned, YOU become Iconic ."... Read More

Is Your Love True ? | Only Video To Watch This Valentine


Love is an emotion we all have experienced in our life. Some of us have stories of love, which are beautiful and some filled with pain. It's rare that we take a pause and ask o... Read More

Stop the Energy Leaks to Manifest Your Goals


We need the energy to manifest our goals and desires. Today we get stuck into so many things, situations, people and everything, everyone pulls out energy consistently. This drains... Read More

One Step To Stop Comparision | Most Powerful Advice On Comparision


Do you struggle with comparing yourself to others? Watch this video in which Avinash Anand Singh gives the most powerful advice on comparison. Stop Comparing Your Life. Start Livin... Read More

Interviewing Mark Metry

Do watch the interview with Mark, where we talk about his life journey, the lessons, the challenges and the success. We also talk about the power of social media, law of attraction and how one can... Read More

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