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Mr. Raakesh Rana from Mumbai Workshop

Rajiv Mathur - Stories of Manifestation

Rachna Kackarr - Stories of Manifestation

Umesh Joshi - Stories of Manifestation

Mr. Ramakant from Belgaum, Karnataka

Mr.Vishal Rane from Mumbai Workshop

Testimonial of Participants

Mr. Imran from Belgaum Workshop

Mr. Prakash from Belgaum Workshop

Priyanka from Mumbai Workshop

Mayuri from Mumbai Workshop

Mr. Vishal from Mumbai Batch

Testimonial of participant from Belgaum Workshop

Avinash is a creator of Subconscious mind and LOA master coach programs, Pranic healer, Entrepreneur and Writer working in the area of connecting science and ancient wisdom with the mission of helping people connect to their inner genius to manifest their greatness.

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