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Inner Child Healing

The inner child healing program is a powerful program to help people heal their inner child. Most of the issues we face in our life, are directly or indirectly linked to our inner child.


What is Inner Child healing means?


When we came into this world, we came with a completely clean and pure self. Our mind and heart were completely free of any experience. As we started growing up, we started experiencing the positive as well as the negative events of life. The meaning that we attached to these events became a permanent memory in our consciousness. 

Even as we grew, these meanings stayed with us inside our core. If we had experienced trauma, fear, phobias, anxiety and neglect, most of them became permanent programs or beliefs in our subconscious mind. We grew and started looking at the world through the lens of these experiences and mostly ended up attracting more of such events. 


Example of Childhood experiences 

  • Being hit by elders/parents

  • Being ignored or not given proper love and care

  • Being punished, kicked, pinched, slapped or bitten in front of others 

  • Molestation or sexual harassment

  • Not being provided with basic necessities

  • Growing up around feelings of insecurity and fear 

  • Bullied by classmates or friends 

  • Accidents or any other traumatic experiences


What issues arise because of hurt inner child?

Issues can be in the form of emotional, physical and psychological challenges. Challenges like low self-worth, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, excessive fear and attention-seeking behavior arise and impact one’s relationships, health, career and financial position.


What does the inner child healing program consist of?

  1. In-depth healing of the issues from childhood like trauma, fear, anxiety, etc. 

  2. The practice of forgiveness to release blockage in energy

  3. Letting go of the negative emotional and psychological patterns 

  4. Resolving self-sabotage behavior 

  5. Creating a new beautiful relationship with the inner child

  6. Changing the subconscious programs 

  7. Integrating new behaviors and perceptions

  8. Building confidence, strong self-worth & self-image


How does the process work?

It is a group online healing session conducted via zoom sessions. Participants go through a live healing session. Pranic healing methods are used for this purpose. Powerful tools like visualization, NLP, neuroscience, positive psychology, journaling and powerful meditation are also included. Apart from the live sessions, participants are provided various practices which they can carry out as per their own convenience. These are short and easy to do tasks which bring about great results in the life of the participants. Q&A sessions are conducted regularly during the duration of the program.


Event Date : 13-08-2021

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Benefits of an inner child healing 

  • Healing of major and minor health issues 
  • Healing of emotional and psychological issues like anxiety, depression, self-esteem, etc.
  • Improved confidence, self-worth and internal strength
  • Improved quality of relationship with partner, family and friends
  • Ability to set goals & achieve big dreams 
  • Enhancement of joy, happiness and love in life
  • Increased self-love and self-respect

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About Me

Avinash is a member of Forbes Coaches Council, a transformational coach, speaker and writer who works in the area of connecting Science with Spirituality.

He is a practitioner of  Law of Attraction, EFT, NLP and is also a certified CTI Co-Active Fundamental coach. He is Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic Healer and a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

He keenly follows the areas like quantum physics, neuro-plasticity, developments in the science of heart, etc. He is driven by an insurmountable urge and passion to help people transform and create an amazing life.

He writes for Forbes, Business World website/web magazine and has also contributed as a speaker at conferences like the United Nations MUN conference and CII.

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