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Relationship Healing

An impactful 9 live session online program helping you to create a beautiful relationship.



The quality of our life directly gets influenced by the quality of our relationships. If any of our relationships is not in good shape, every area of our life bears the brunt. Not many people know that a relationship is like a school in which we learn certain lessons and improve certain aspects of our being. Most people end up living a transactional relationship wherein they just operate from a level of give and take which isn’t healthy. 

It's possible to create a fulfilling and loving relationship, provided we are willing to create changes in our energy, behavior and approach. This course helps you release the blockages, past negative experiences, resentments and find ways to create a beautiful relationship.


Event Date : 25-04-2020

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+ Release negative emotional blockages 

+ Build a healthy, thriving and loving relationship 

+ Create empowering relationship habits

+ Release past negative energy which blocks the flow of love and joy 

+ Convert limiting beliefs into empowering and positive beliefs  

+ Powerful Meditation to generate love and healing for one's relationship



+ Different short and impactful activities to be performed at home

+ Daily meditation practices (Audios will be shared)

+ Reprogramming subconscious mind with subliminal messages

+ Online healing sessions (via Zoom)

+ Forgiveness activity to release past hurt and pain

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+ You need to take out 20-30 minutes daily to meditate and perform other activities  

+ There will be 9 live sessions overall

+ Each session will be of 60-90 minutes

+ Sessions will be conducted thrice a week  

+ Session Timings: 9:00pm – 10:15pm



+ Early Bird – INR 6,500

+ Regular pricing – 10,000

+ Group discount – 10% for a group of 4 participants  

Please note the early bird date. Post early bird date, regular pricing will be applicable.


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Upto 26-05-2021 Book Ticket

Avinash ANAND SINGH - http://avinashanandsingh.com/ - About Me

About Me

Avinash is a member of Forbes Coaches Council, a transformational coach, speaker and writer who works in the area of connecting Science with Spirituality.

He is a practitioner of  Law of Attraction, EFT, NLP and is also a certified CTI Co-Active Fundamental coach. He is Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic Healer and a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

He keenly follows the areas like quantum physics, neuro-plasticity, developments in the science of heart, etc. He is driven by an insurmountable urge and passion to help people transform and create an amazing life.

He writes for Forbes, Business World website/web magazine and has also contributed as a speaker at conferences like the United Nations MUN conference and CII.

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Upto 26-05-2021 Book Ticket