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Corporate Programs

The world is going through a complete shift. The old ways of working are now changing. Old business models are breaking down and new models are emerging. Many issues have come up across the world and have become a big concern for the companies. Issues like stress, fear, low productivity and anxiety are affecting the human resources in all firms. 

When the employees are not performing at their best, it is obvious that the companies will not be able to achieve the goals they have set.  

Let’s not look at only the challenges as every cloud has a silver lining. Many researches are unearthing mindboggling facts in the area of science. These facts are opening new doors of possibilities. The researches in areas like neuroscience, positive psychology, quantum physics, emotional intelligence and behavior science are impacting the way we look at human potential. They are paving a way for breakthroughs and miracles.

The programs delivered by us are specially curated to create a fine blend of scientific research, ancient wisdom and industry trends. They tap the best of both worlds. We deliver in a way that helps people and companies achieve phenomenal results. 

We focus on providing experiential learning and ensure that our program brings a shift in perspective and mindset in order to achieve breakthrough results.


What we do

We help companies bring a sustainable change in the energy, mindset and behavior of the employees. This in turn leads to achievement of goals of the team and brings the organization closer to realization of it’s vision.


What we Impact

  • Low Energy 

  • Internal conflicts

  • Stress

  • Low drive, enthusiasm, and creativity 

  • Disengagement of employees

  • Low motivation 


Some of the programs we deliver in companies are - 


► Power of Subconscious Mind 

Duration - 8-16 hours | Mode - Classroom / Online 

It's a two-day program helping participants understand their operating system (mind) and the ways to tap the power of their subconscious mind which would eventually help them to bring remarkable behavioral changes in themselves. The program also helps participants to release their internal blockages like fear, doubts, fixed mindset, stagnation, procrastination, indecisiveness and jealousy. They will learn about the timeless and powerful principles to use the subconscious mind to achieve phenomenal results.


► Law of Attraction 

Duration - 8-16 hours | Mode - Classroom / Online 

This is a powerful program that allows the participants to experience and understand the power of manifestation. We all have within us the potential to achieve the best. This program aims to decode the principles of manifestation, and impart the exact science and process to the employees so that they can achieve their career goals in alignment with goals of the organization.


► Mastering Happiness 

Duration - 8 hours | Mode - Classroom / Online 

Tremendous research in science over the last 2 decades highlights the importance of happiness. A meta-study on happiness highlighted that it improves every single area of your life including relationships, income, performance, health and work. A happy employee is a more productive employee any day. In this program, the participants learn about powerful principles driving happiness, scientific studies on impact of happiness in life, and ways to cultivate and leverage it to our benefit. 


► Goal Setting 

Duration - 8-16 hours | Mode - Classroom / Online 

Leveraging the tremendous insights from neuroscience and positive psychology, this workshop aims to deliver a very powerful framework to help the participants set and achieve their specific goals. It is a fine blend of theory and practical activities which makes the participants understand and assimilate the shared knowledge and tools.


► Creating Breakthrough - Tapping the power of Neuroscience & Positive Psychology

Duration - 8-16 hours | Mode - Classroom / Online 

This program is designed specifically for a team or organization which is finding itself stuck and is not able to create a breakthrough. The session revolves around making the participants understand concepts like perception, mindset, energy and emotions. It aims to teach the participants the manner in which all of them are used to create a breakthrough. These programs are experiential in nature and help participants to experience a deeper shift and change in them. They give participants a new perspective, energy and power to transform things within and outside.


► Tapping the Power of Beliefs 

Duration - 8-16 hours | Mode - Classroom / Online 

This program focuses on making the participants tap the power to create empowering beliefs. Any change becomes permanent when there is a change in beliefs. Once limiting beliefs are turned into empowering and positive beliefs, an individual gets the inner strength, drive and power to make behavioral changes. This course is backed by researches in the field of neuroscience and is completely practical in nature. 

What to Expect 

  • High Enthusiasm
  • Internal drive and energy
  • Harmony and peace
  • Growth mindset 
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased happiness
  • Clear goals and vision

Avinash ANAND SINGH - http://avinashanandsingh.com/ - About Me

About Me

Avinash is a member of Forbes Coaches Council, a transformational coach, speaker and writer who works in the area of connecting Science with Spirituality.

He is a practitioner of  Law of Attraction, EFT, NLP and is also a certified CTI Co-Active Fundamental coach. He is Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic Healer and a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

He keenly follows the areas like quantum physics, neuro-plasticity, developments in the science of heart, etc. He is driven by an insurmountable urge and passion to help people transform and create an amazing life.

He writes for Forbes, Business World website/web magazine and has also contributed as a speaker at conferences like the United Nations MUN conference and CII.