About me

Hi, I’m Avinash

I am a life explorer who’s on a mission to discover the highest truth about myself and take the knowledge and wisdom to help others do the same. I am an entrepreneur, transformational coach and writer who helps people create breakthroughs in their life. My work revolves around connecting science and ancient wisdom.  

I was termed as an average student during my school life. I failed many times when I tried to achieve various goals I set during different phases of my life. I felt inferior about myself when I thought as per the standards set by the society.

All this changed the day I dreamt a dream for myself and took steps to bring it to reality.  


Coach, Keynote Speaker and expert on Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind

I have trained participants from more than 5 countries, 12+ cities in India and some big corporate houses. I have been invited as a speaker to CII and UN MUN Conferences.


An Entrepreneur

Building platforms to revolutionize education, and revive ancient knowledge and wisdom.  


An upcoming Author

To be launched soon


Member Forbes Coaches Council

I have contributed articles to platforms like Forbes, Business World and other reputed websites.   

I am a simple guy who is passionate about bringing phenomenal changes in the world. I am a transformational coach who helps people create little transformations within for a greater transformation to take place outside. I help people who look forward to live a meaning driven and successful life by guiding them about strategies, tools and roadmap to manifest it.

I can understand people well today because at one point in my life, I had to work on myself to change my mindset, limiting belief system, patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and give up laziness, procrastination, mediocre thinking, fear, self-doubt and confusion.

Society has conditioned us to define ourselves with what we have and what we have done. Many of us get entangled in this false thought. Even I was. When I became self-aware and understood this easy yet complex game, I initiated the work of changing my conditioned self. I systematically worked on shifting the limiting beliefs, changing the mindset, altering the behavior, setting a new standard and creating a new identity for myself.

Today I create programs and tools by combining cutting edge science with ancient wisdom. I conduct very high-intensity workshops and coaching programs in the area of rapid transformation, incorporating the concepts of neuroscience, subconscious mind, positive psychology, the law of attraction, different meditation practices and quantum physics.

I always wondered how beautiful this world would be if everyone started living their best self? This thought made me a man on a mission. I am very strongly driven by my calling to help people connect with their inner genius and discover the inner infinite being. 

I've covered 12+ cities in India with more than 75 sessions and have impacted the lives of 1500+ people. I have conducted training sessions for some of the best companies in India like Forbes Marshal, Hero Steel, Turner & Townsend, Wadia Group and Dmart to name a few. I am also an upcoming author and offer online sessions to corporates and individuals trying to unleash their hidden potential.




My vision is to touch the lives of 1 billion people by 2030 and to communicate the eternal message of love, peace, compassion and oneness.


This would be realized by reaching people through our online and offline programs, books, documentaries and other methods.

When we tell people about our vision, most of them feel astonished and we completely understand the place it comes from. We believe that the work we do is not our work and we are merely the instruments that fulfil the responsibility. A pipe carrying water cannot claim to be the owner of the water; it’s merely a medium to deliver the water. In the same way, we are just vessels and instruments that deliver the information, knowledge and wisdom which we have been able to access from the infinite reservoir of the universe.





Our mission is to help people find their inner genius, discover their true potential and tap infinite power for them to live a life of abundance, fulfillment, happiness and bliss”

We firmly believe that every human being comes out from the womb of infinite intelligence, is created by a genius and is a genius himself/herself. If one looks at the universe and all it’s creations, one cannot help but be astonished by the miracles that continue happening incessantly.

Isn’t it a miracle how the sun never fails to show up even just to ripen a tiny fruit called grape; how the earth doesn’t move an inch even though it’s been million years rotating on the same track, and how a beautiful rose comes out of a sheer combination of water, air, sunlight and trace minerals?

Let’s forget the universe. If you will look at your own body thoroughly, you will be astonished by it’s precision. Approximately 90 - 95% of your vital body functions are occurring precisely and in sync with each other since the day you were born and they will continue to occur without your conscious control till the day you will cease to exist.

Your body has approximately 100 trillion cells, and each cell has its own consciousness and a digestive, a respiratory, an excretory, a musculoskeletal, an endocrine, a reproductive, a nervous and an immune system.

Your brain has approximately 100 billion neurons, and each of these neurons is different from the other and can connect to approximately 10,000 other neurons all at the same time, and the total connect can cross over 100 trillions which is more than the number of stars in the sky.

Every human being has a unique fingerprint, eye impression and DNA, and this is true for all 6.5 billion people living on this planet, including all those who are dead and the ones who are yet to be born.

All this becomes a strong foundation that proves the fact that all of us have an infinite intelligence too, a genius within us. We may not be connected to it or may not be aware of the connection.

Our mission is to help people connect back to this inner genius. Once connected, people realize their true self and the amazing powers it is gifted with to manifest a life of abundance, happiness, health, wealth, peace, bliss and miracles.



Core Values

These are our guiding principles that direct our thought processes, behaviors and actions which eventually help us to walk on the chosen path.



With the help of our extraordinary commitment, honesty and integrity of purpose, we aim to leave our customers not only happy and satisfied but amazed manifesting the desired goals.



The company focuses on sharing more than our customers expect in terms of time, service, knowledge and wisdom. We believe that sharing is one of the most fundamental virtues of the universe.



Speedy conceptualization, planning, execution and delivery of results is something that matters a lot to us. This brings momentum in the work and becomes a differentiator for us.


Focus on Impact

Every action of ours is meant for the impact we want to create in the lives of our customers. This includes the modules we design and the programs we deliver. We play in a space that many people don’t even bother entering. We believe that if there is no impact or if there are no results, then the program didn’t even take place.



Beyond the results and goals, we believe in contribution. We help our customers to attain success in their business. We believe in a relationship that is meaningful, deep and genuine at all levels.


Delivering the purpose of the work

We design our programs very thoughtfully and take regular feedback from our customers to ensure that we deliver the purpose of our work. If the purpose is not delivered, the work merely becomes a non-productive activity on paper.



This is the only common denominator one finds in everyone and everything in this world. What we bring on the table for the customer apart from everything else is “Energy”. We believe that when new purpose-driven energy is created, it positively affects everyone involved in the process and it builds an upward momentum for everyone.



My Personal Core Beliefs

These beliefs are the foundation from which our thoughts, ideas, emotions, actions and behaviors arise to eventually help our valued customers and the world at large:


All human beings, no matter who they are, what they have achieved, what they have done and what they have become, have an infinite power inside them to change and elevate their life at any point of time. 


Solution Oriented-ness

The word “No” does not exist for us. There is always a way out when we are willing to walk the extra mile to find a solution.



Everything and everyone in this universe is a part of the Supreme Power – THE ONE. Each small as well as big part is a representative of the whole. Oneness breeds and cultivates the reality.



Everyone in this world is divine, comes from the divine and goes back into the divine. When we work with humans, we don't work with the outer visible self but the pure divine and sacred self. This gives us the hope and belief that everyone can be transformed.



We believe that whatever the human mind can conceive, it can achieve. It is the core ingredient of all the minds that created this world and made it so beautiful and miraculous.



We believe this is one of the most important goals every human soul strives to achieve, knowingly or unknowingly. If one can be in this state, any goal can be accomplished. The mantra is “Being Happy for NO REASON”



What people say about me

  • Avinash, a transformational coach, really walks the talk. His sessions are intense and magical. He truly transforms people in his session. The best part is that he stays in touch with participants to handhold them till they are able to apply the tools and see the results.

    Vinisha Jayaswal, Chief Learning Officer, Apollo Hospitals

  •   The world is shifting today, people are looking for things beyond money, job, position, degree, they are looking for happiness, meaning, purpose in life. The work that Avinash is engaged in is to enable people to understand their true self, their infiniteness within. His in-depth spiritual understanding laced with scientific research helps one to understand these concepts with a very open, discerning & intelligent mind instead of just blindly believing. I have personally worked with him & can recommend him for the awesome knowledge he possesses & impacts his work makes on the participants. 

    I recommend him to all those organizations who keep their people development as a top priority and are willing to become great with their employees becoming great.

    Karunaa Ahuja, Head of Human Resource, Eaton

  • I am happy to write a recommendation for Avinash!  

    Dr. Marshall Goldsmith,

  • Avinash is an excellent communicator with an in-depth understanding of spiritual well-being. His sense of responsibility, leadership, and his level of energy and enthusiasm during conducting a workshop is quite impressive. He has a unique way of explaining things that makes it relevant and actionable for the audience. He has the combination of soft and hard skills that would make him successful in any program he delivers.

    Faisal Wahedi, Principal – People Solutions, Grameen Foundation

  • My association with Avinash dates back to 2008 when we both were studying in SCMLD, Pune. I connected with him again in 2020, however this time as a participant in one of his online sessions on Law of Attraction & The Power of Subconscious Mind. Even though I was well aware of these topics due to my inclination towards them, I would say that attending the session was a joyful and enriching experience altogether.

    Keeping your participants involved for 7-8 hours is a tough job and Avinash does it effortlessly. His content is powerful, well researched & delivery is flawless. His workshops are loaded with practical tools that you can use on a daily basis and actually absorb and integrate the learnings in your routine. Thank you, Avinash.

    Chinmay Deshpande, Sr. Manager, Tata Motors

  • Avinash is an amazing soul – that makes him a great coach & a true guide. I have great admiration for his high energy, enthusiasm, and passion. Personally, I have found his work of great value & I have used it in my company which had very good results & feedback. I have no hesitation in saying Avinash is a great guy & his courses are impactful. 

    - Ameya Gumaste, Country Manager, Turner and Townsend

    Ameya Gumaste

  • The power over the Subconscious mind is not a dream or something out of reach as we experienced it at Avinash's workshop. The combination of Quantum physics, experiments by scientists helped us understand and experience our true nature as human beings and how we are the masters of our destiny.

    Over the two day workshop which included Laws of Attraction, we experienced multiple visualization-based meditations to create our goals while deleting beliefs that do not support us.

    Unlike most workshops, Avinash believes in nurturing participants with recorded meditation and Whatsapp group. Avinash is so generous with his time and a workshop facilitator par excellence. As a facilitator and coach understand the importance of effective transfer of learning and believe me Avinash's rocks. 

    Anita Sachdev

    Seasoned Global Cross-Cultural Communication Solutions, Certified Coach 

    Anita Sachdeva

Avinash is a creator of Subconscious mind and LOA master coach programs, Pranic healer, Entrepreneur and Writer working in the area of connecting science and ancient wisdom with the mission of helping people connect to their inner genius to manifest their greatness.

© Avinash Anand Singh

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