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Life Coaching

Life coaching is an exceptionally powerful process which a person goes through in order to experience complete change and transformation in one’s life. All of us go through different phases in life and sometimes there are times when we feel stuck, low, down or negative. Though these phases are unpleasant, they present an amazing opportunity to grow. Many of us keep focusing on the negative side of situations, and hence our mind and body get filled with negative thoughts and emotions. This situation can be improved and we can move closer to experiencing a completely different reality if we start shifting our focus away from negativity.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of the book “Becoming Supernatural” says “Our personality creates our personal reality”.

If you reflect on this statement, you will understand that whatever we create for ourselves in our life is directly correlated to our personality. Our personal reality includes our life situations, circumstances, relationships and material goals. All of them get influenced by our personality.     

Coach Avinash is driven by a strong belief that we all have within us an infinite genius but in most of the cases, it gets clouded and covered by layers of conditioning due to society’s norms, rituals and treatment. His expertise lies in helping people systematically break free from this conditioning of beliefs, thoughts, perception, false ideas and see the truth within. He uses a systematic process in which the client goes through a journey of self-discovery. 

Until we break free from our conditioning, we will not be able to truly experience the gifts we have and the number of achievements we can create for ourselves.


Content of the coaching program

The coaching is specially designed and carefully crafted with deep scientific knowledge and understanding of Quantum Physics, Brain Sciences, Neuroplasticity, Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools (NLP), positive psychology tools, vast reservoir of spiritual wisdom, and yogic tools and techniques. The framework encompasses a deep understanding of the body, mind and spirit, and aims to achieve change, transformation and radical results with the deep integration of the above mentioned fields.

Some of the tools and techniques used in the sessions are Psycho-Cybernetics Tools, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Tools, Holographic Tools, Mindfulness Concepts, Silva Mind Control Methods, Powerful Yogic Techniques of changing patterns, Alpha Mind Programming, Creative Visualization Technique and many other powerful tools.


Time duration

This is a very comprehensive tool designed to bring a concrete and lasting change at the deepest level of spirit, mind and body. This program can be of 3, 6 or 12 months depending upon the requirement of the client. The duration and details are mutually decided after the first exploration call happens. Generally, a time period of 3-6 months is preferred.  



This is primarily a one-on-one intervention. Anyone who feels stuck, entangled, less energetic or purposeless and feels that he or she is unable to tap their full potential can benefit massively from this coaching process. One will experience complete transformation at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level after following the process properly. The client can choose face-to-face sessions, zoom, skype or telephonic calls to go through the process. It’s a program that involves handholding in order to make one understand, discover and unleash what truly lies inside oneself. The real potential remains hidden and unknown in most of us and as a result, we end up living a life of pain, mediocrity, sadness and frustration. Coaching helps us in overcoming all these negative manifestations.

The coaching process includes different activities and exercises like journaling, releasing the past, shifting beliefs, building a new thought process, building a new self-image and a new personality. It's a very holistic process that aims towards the overall transformation of a person. 


Our coaching sessions are completely outcome based. Outcomes can be both qualitative and quantitative, and are decided mutually by both the parties. 

As a result of the process, most people experience benefits like:

  • Freedom from the negative past 
  • Enhancement of self-control and motivation 
  • Improvement in perception and thinking
  • Development of growth mindset 
  • Positivity of thoughts and emotions
  • Better ability to handle life challenges 
  • Clarity about life’s purpose and goals 
  • Change in belief systems 


The format and duration of coaching shall decide the investment involved in the process. We mostly decide about the investment after the first exploratory call. Once the expectations, outcomes and results desired by the clients are known, the coaching plan is created. 

These programs also come with a complete refund guarantee. If a client feels that he/she is not resonating with the process, he/she can request for a refund within 1 week of enrolling for the program. A complete refund is processed within 7-14 days of the acceptance of the request.

Avinash ANAND SINGH - http://avinashanandsingh.com/ - About Me

About Me

Avinash is a member of Forbes Coaches Council, a transformational coach, speaker and writer who works in the area of connecting Science with Spirituality.

He is a practitioner of  Law of Attraction, EFT, NLP and is also a certified CTI Co-Active Fundamental coach. He is Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic Healer and a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

He keenly follows the areas like quantum physics, neuro-plasticity, developments in the science of heart, etc. He is driven by an insurmountable urge and passion to help people transform and create an amazing life.

He writes for Forbes, Business World website/web magazine and has also contributed as a speaker at conferences like the United Nations MUN conference and CII.


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